April (gemlikeflame) wrote in ucsc,

Intermediate Poetry?

So I didn't get an e-mail from the Lit department or my college this quarter, like I usually do. I was in Intermediate Fiction last quarter and on the first day of class, we had to apply by turning in a 3-7 page story. I want to apply Intermediate Poetry this quarter but I don't know what I need. The class meets tomorrow at 10am, I think. I mean, it's T&TH at 10, so I assume tomorrow (or today, since it's 1am) we're supposed to turn in a sample of our poetry.

My question is: What do we submit? Is it like fiction, and just 3-7 pages of our work? Can we submit multiple poems? Must they be double spaced (which fucks up concrete poems)?

Thanks for anyone who can answer.

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