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Get yer red-hot ethics right here!

It would seem the UC has seen fit to administer an online ethics briefing to all its faculty and staff.
Yeah, I know.
It gets better.

Dynes' introduction:

    "I want to welcome you to this Ethics Briefing. Its important purpose is to help all University employees raise their awareness about the Statement of Ethical Values and the Standards of Ethical Conduct that were adopted by The Regents in May of 2005.

    Of course, the University has always endorsed the highest level of ethical standards and behavior.

    But in today's climate it is clear that all institutions, and especially those that derive their support from the public, need to do more to demonstrate their commitment to ethical behavior in everything we do.

    I've been through this briefing myself. And I think it's important that we're all going through this same material together to give us a common frame of reference for further dialogue about ethical behavior at UC.

    I liked it because it reminded me just how important it is to keep these values and standards in the forefront of our thinking as we go about our daily work. Every decision we make and action we take needs to be grounded in these core values and standards.

    The Regents and I need your help to ensure that the entire University meets the highest expectations of California as we carry out our mission of teaching, research and public service.

    Thank you for all you do to make the University of California great."

Yeah, and thanks for fucking over all of its employees (ok not all, he's nice to the chancellors and other top administrators).

Seriously, getting a lecture on ethics from the University of California is like getting a lecture on tolerance from Jerry Falwell.
The whole thing is a farce and an insult to one's intelligence.
The way UC treats its workers, the way it handles activism and the way it pampers its upper echelon hardly qualify it as an authority on ethical behavior.
Let's see some of those ear-marked funds that are being withheld from hard-working UC employees and then we'll talk about ethics.

Seeing as how none of the briefing says anything about copyrights or confidentiality, I thought is might be nice to share this lovely piece of flagrant hypocricy with the rest of the community.  I've copied the text from the briefing to a PDF file, not very elegant and no pictures, but those pictures were lame anyway.

The fact that I have an uncontrollable to do a close reading of the text and critique it with an annotated blow-by-blow analysis proves that I've been at UCSC waaaaay too long.

One thing especially that caught my eye was a segment at the end, where Edna, the "protagonist", is speaking with Zoltan the gardener.  Zoltan brings up the following dilemma:

Zoltan looks at Edna and frowns. "Something’s just come up that's bothering me," he says.

"A friend of mine in Administration is tight with a manager in campus food service. The manager is always setting my friend up with free food, and he wants me to come with him on Friday. I love the idea of a free lunch as much as the next person, but I'm going to have to decline because I know it's not right. I'm planning to tell him that, and to let him know he's put me in a bad spot by telling me about someone who is misusing University resources.

"Edna, what should I do? Do I have to tell someone about this?"

Edna said, “Well, you just did. Let’s talk about it."

    Which Standards are involved in this scenario?

You're almost done with the briefing, so the answer is not provided. Please think over this scenario and talk about it with others in the University. What do you think Zoltan should do? Which of the standards does this scenario bring to mind? Have you dealt with a situation like this one in the past? How might you handle something like it in the future?
I recall reading about the incoming head AFSCME organizer being targeted by the UC dining services for something similar.  But of course, I'm being a total paranoid and this is sheer coincidence.

Any other student workers have to do this crap?

UPDATE: some people complined so I put the bulk of the post behind the cut.  Sorry guys, party foul.

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