k8e (chipmunkwarrior) wrote in ucsc,

french 4 books

so i was just looking at the baytree's fall books online for french 4 and i realized that the books are going to cost tons of money for someone who isn't taking french 5 or 6; i'm planning on french 4 and then taking the 2 unit class winter/spring until i go abroad next summer.
my question[s]:
does anyone have a book that i can borrow for fall quarter? and/or possibly that quarter's workbook pages? either way i would pay for its use, even the workbook pages that i would photocopy.
do you think that it is worthwhile to buy the second year french books, just to have in case i ever need them? thats what i'm doing with Horizons since it has all the basics, but i'm wary of purchasing Ensuite if i'm never going to open it again.
let me know what you guys think and if you can help, thanks!

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