January 1st, 2007

you can't kill kim jong il!

fin-aid direct deposit

i know there was a thread about this last week or so, and the fin-aid distribution date was supposed to be thursday, dec 28. i'm hoping it's because of the holidays that it's getting delayed, but my fin-aid direct deposit hasn't shown up in my bank account yet. has anyone else gotten theirs (check or direct deposit)?

CruzMail Emergency Maintenance

(sorry, meant to post this earlier, but put it in the wrong journal)

At 9pm tonight (January 1st, 2007) I will be taking CruzMail offline for vendor recommended emergency maintenance on one of the file servers. CruzMail should be down for about 5 hours (until 2am).

I'll try to remember to post a follow-up here when it's done.