January 10th, 2007

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UC Santa Cruz Administration Sabotages Student-Run Career Event

I saw this on SC Indymedia and figured I should post a bit here of it here. It's sad that the university prevented students from doing this Ethical Career Opportunities event and have just cancelled the January 31st job fair too! Except for a short period of time in spring of 2005, students have always had access to jobs, with or without the counter-recruitment protests.

UC Santa Cruz Administration Sabotages Student-Run Career Event
Students Angered by Administrative Dishonesty, Foul Play


SANTA CRUZ, CA – After months of wrangling with the administration of UC Santa Cruz, students who were planning an Ethical Career Opportunities (ECO) career event, ECO-7, for January 25th have been forced to cancel the program after the administration blocked access to the group’s website for a crucial period of time. The website, removed without warning, was the primary organizing tool of the event, which would have provided much-needed job opportunities for conscientious students.

The website issue was the culmination of a whole series of administrative actions to prevent the ECO-7 career event from taking place. UCSC administrators maintained that any career fair could not occur on campus unless military recruiters were specifically accommodated, using this as an excuse to prevent the group from accessing the over $1,000 ECO had raised mainly from other students. Yet, as a student-run and student-financed educational career event with a specific focus, students assert that ECO-7 would not be affected by the Solomon Amendment, the federal law forcing colleges to allow military recruiters on campus in violation of their non- discrimination policies


ECO-7 would have been a first for UC Santa Cruz. Founded by a group of concerned students and activists involved in Students Against War, the event sought to provide a positive, alternative model for career events on campus. Many students are deeply disturbed by the ‘official’ University career fairs that feature sexist, intolerant and violent organizations as well as abusive multi-national corporations, environmental polluters and weapons manufacturers. With ECO-7’s forced cancellation, the administration has seriously damaged its own credibility to deal with career related student grievances at UCSC.

For a more detailed letter about the event cancellation, see: http://saw.revolt.org
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Intermedia I

I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has taken or knows about Intermedia I with EG Crichton. Some things I have heard about the class lead me to worry that the professor might have a bias against certain artistic styles and will grade according to that bias. Thanks in advance to anyone with information. (I can't find EG Crichton on any professor rating sites.)