January 16th, 2007


Power Outage

In an interesting twist of fate, Campus is down, and CruzMail is up :-)

I have no idea how this affects anyone's classes. But do be aware that campus (and apparently some significant part of Santa Cruz in general) is without power right now.

Though, most of the people who would be concerned about it probably can't read this.

from the sc sentinel home page...

EVENING UPDATE: UCSC Biomedical Science Facility gets go ahead

SAN FRANCISCO - Despite seven outstanding lawsuits challenging expansion at UC Santa Cruz, and threat of two more, a key UC Regents committee unanimously approved the first major construction project under the campus' growth plan on Tuesday, moments after local government leaders, lawyers and planners pleaded with Regents to delay their decision.

Santa Cruz Mayor Emily Reilly and County Supervisor Neal Coonerty were among five city and county representatives who traveled to the UCSF Mission Bay Campus to protest construction of the $80 million lab building known as the Biomedical Science Facility.

“If you go forward today, you will seriously undermine your assertion that you want to work with the city, and we will challenge it,” Reilly told the Regents Committee on Grounds and Buildings.

The city and one neighborhood group, the Coalition for Limiting University Expansion, are each expected to file suits once the full Board of Regents finalize the project on Thursday.

Read Roger Sideman's full story in Wednesday's Sentinel.
you can't kill kim jong il!

Phono 2?

Probably a long shot posting in here, but anyone else horribly stuck on the Phonology 2 homework? We could exchange ideas, etc.

We can work on it over AIM/email/phone (phone is probably best though).