February 15th, 2007

Special Agent Dale Cooper

What can you do about climate change?

"After An Inconvenient Truth, What Next?"

How Individuals and Organizations can develop a Carbon Management Strategy, and how we can collectively achieve steps toward a carbon-free future

Sunday, February 18
7:30pm - Cowell 131

Professor Robert Cormia teaches informatics and nanotechnology at Foothill College, and is a member of their sustainability council. For more information, I put the full description on EnviroSlug, the Student Environmental Center's website. The org sponsoring the event btw is the SCF.
fiat latex

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So, when I was back in town last weekend, I was completely floored to learn that Safer Sexcapades has been axed (I was even more surprised that I didn't see any mention of it here). According to this excellent CHP op-ed by cerealwriter, it was cancelled due to punks in drublic.

But a little birdie told me that the real reason was that a lot of participants basically ignored the Safer part, and that the event generated more dispensation of Plan B from the Health Center than at any other time of year. Does anyone have the real scoop? Maybe all of the above?

In any case, it's a damn shame that the poor judgment of individuals has to ruin it for the group. (It would also suck to give ammo to self-righteous fundies!)
[me] sometimes wish I'd never been born

Holy crap, y'all.

All right, I'm really stupid and ignorant but I also transferred from another university out of state so that's my excuse.

So apparently I can't drop a class on my own for a W and need to see my academic adviser or something. The problem is, today is the deadline to drop and obviously my college office is closed now.

Am I fucked?