February 22nd, 2007

the glorious stevenson college office

stevenson lost a package of mine.

i ordered something, it was shipped and delivered to santa cruz. i used the right address, i'm sure, and on the tracking page it says SIGNED BY: [name] where [name] is the last name of a stevenson employee.

it didn't show up for a couple of weeks in the mailroom so I sent an e-mail. it was a pretty long e-mail that said "yeah, uh, where is it?" and the response I got was "I am looking in to this" (no period) from Gustavo, the dude who handles everything at stevenson.

After about a week of not hearing anything, I went in to the office and said "Yeah, here's the tracking page, where is my package?" He tells me the person who received it "has been sick so I can't ask her" and that I needed to bring him the tracking number for another package I received on the same day so he could compare the two or something. He literally put the loss of a package on to me by asking me for the tracking number of something else (which, as it turns out, was a t-shirt shipped first class and first class mail doesn't get tracked).

I finally sent him a long e-mail but I'm so positive I'm not going to see this thing ever. I can't imagine I have any recourse and the college office (at least this part of it) is set up so that nobody is really "responsible" and there are no ways to track anything.

Basically, stevenson college office sucks and I don't care if they're reading this because you fucking lost my package and maybe you should spend more time not losing packages than checking up on what people write about you on livejournal.