February 23rd, 2007

you can't kill kim jong il!

Financial Aid and Registration

Is there anyone else registering for classes today and getting financial aid, but can't? I'm trying to sign up for classes but it's telling me I have a hold... so I check the Holds section and it says

Term: Begin Term - Srvc Indicatr Use
Reason: Past Due Account Balance
Department: Student Financials
Instructions: Past due account balance must be paid before releasing this hold.

...which I'm assuming means pay my account balance. However, I'm on financial aid and can't do anything about the account balance for Spring until FinAid kicks in. It can't be this quarter's balance either because my balance for Winter 2007 is $0.00

The distribution date for financial aid Spring quarter is 03/27/2007... wtf, does this mean I can't enroll until then?

nevermind. I have a hold because I owe them 84 cents one quarter for printing costs, and $1.56 for another quarter like 2 years ago... i can't believe this trouble is over two bucks that i have to write a check for.

btw, why does the MyUCSC interface fucking blow