February 26th, 2007

spirit of the rose

Fun Spring Classes

Hi All,

I'm graduating in June and I'd love to take a really fun class next quarter.  I want something that will be enjoyable, but not necessarily "easy".  Any suggestions?  I'm open to offerings from pretty much any department.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Right now, among other things, I'm considering taking Latin American cinema with Seara.  If you have any specific comments about the course or instructor, I'd really appreciate those too.

C2 course "contemporary france"

hey all, i'm finally being forced to take my C2 requirement since i have junior status. looking at the C2 course descriptions, i eyed one that seemed somewhat interesting seeing as i'm into france and french culture.
has anyone taken "writing about contemporary france" as a c1/c2 course? more importantly, since they do not show up on rate my profs, has anyone ever had "E. Bennett" as a writing teacher?

as always, any info is appreciated. thanks!
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