March 1st, 2007

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1) When does priority enrollment end? My best guess is the 7th, but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure?

2) Beginning Yoga is all full up, so I enrolled in Continued Beginning Yoga although the only real yoga experience I have is DVD based. Bad idea? Should I just try to crash Beginning?

Have you taken any of these classes? Cultural Anthrop, Intro Acting, Intro Sociology...

I am picking some random classes that have nothing to do with my major for next quarter... I actually really don't know what to choose so some guidance would be wonderful :)
So, esentially I would like to know... how's the class? the professor? how demanding is it?

1) Cultural Anthropology-- taught by Ms Chen Nancy

2) Intro Studies Acting-- taught by Ryan, Patrick Michael

3) Intro to Sociology-- taught by Chauffan

4) The Holocaust-- taught by Kenez,P.; Baumgarten,M.
This class sounds very interesting, but what's up with the 3 hour lecture on wednesdays? They're not serious about this are they?

Those are the ones I'm looking at so far... Also, if you have any suggestions or classes you really reccomend please let me know (it doesn't have to be related to those subject areas at all) :) This is my 'testing out' quarter... want to try some fun classes.