March 9th, 2007


Just for those who don't check their mail as much...

March 7, 2007

To: UCSC Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Information Technology Services (ITS)

Re: CruzMail Email Maintenance

This Friday, March 9, from 11PM until 8AM Saturday
morning, CruzMail, the campus email system, will be taken
off-line for maintenance. This work is a continuation of
last week's work to migrate data from the existing storage
system to a new storage system to improve performance.

During this work, CruzMail will be unavailable. All
messages that are sent to email accounts during
this time will be saved and queued for delivery once the
system returns to normal status on Saturday.

This CruzMail maintenance and other ITS maintenance are
listed online for your reference at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the
ITS Support Center at 459-4357 or

Thank you.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

New Maintainer!

Hey! Who wants to be the new maintainer of this community?

I'm not leaving it just yet, but this is my last quarter at UCSC and after, say, a year, I'll probably disappear. I'd like to recruit someone now and show them the ropes (it's really simple).

Duties of maintainer: delete spam, delete "irrelevant" posts (with notice), work with the maintainer of ucsc_chatter, understand and uphold the rules. That's about it.

The only requirement is that you are a first- or second-year student. It helps if you check LJ every day and if you don't put up with sob stories or feel bad when people yell at you for stupid things.

If you're interested, comment, say anything you think might be helpful, and we'll have some sort of voting thing after a few days. Don't feel discouraged if you think you haven't contributed enough in the past or even if you haven't posted at all - this position is open to any first- or second-year student with an LJ.

Also feel free, as always, to ask me any questions about this community or maintainership.