March 13th, 2007

alcoholic, rosacea


I'm supposed to go to a meeting for Chautauqua writers and directors at 6 PM tomorrow.   BUT WHERE IS IT?  Last I heard, location was TBA, but I haven't been able to reach any of the people in charge to ask about it. 

(I also haven't been able to reach Jim Bierman, who all writers are supposed to meet with by the end of the quarter.  He wasn't in his office hours today and hasn't responded to emails.  Anyone know how/where to find him?)

Voting thread!

Sup this is the voting thread! Vote for the next maintainer of this community.

Like how I was elected I'm going by general consensus, not the number of votes - so there is no poll. Feel free to elect or nominate anyone. Comment - and explanations are welcome. Like I said I plan on this being only semi-democratic, as I plan on working with the person for a while to get them accustomed.

Here are the people who volunteered. Do not feel constrained to only these people, though:
night_tracker (I think?)
seventeenyears (I think?)