April 15th, 2007


UCSC Student Founded Startup

Tomorrow at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, a startup founded by a recent graduate (that's me) and a senior will make its debut.

The site is free and provides virtual "shelves" for managing, organizing, and sharing information about all of your physical stuff. For example, you can put all of your books or DVDs on your shelves to easily keep track of what you have, and rate, tag, and write reviews of your stuff. You can also easily request to borrow things from your friends, and keep track of things that you've loaned out, as well as get updates whenever your friends get new stuff.

The site is called YourSharade and is currently in "private alpha", which means there are a few people using it, but it isn't quite ready for public consumption yet. However, we're about to launch into a "private beta" phase where we'll start issuing more accounts on a limited basis while we work out the last of the kinks, and we're currently accepting signups to receive an account when they're available.

I encourage everybody to help us out by signing up on the site, and encouraging your friends to signup too. At this early stage, the more signups we have, the better we'll look at the Expo, so help us out and signup :)

It's exciting for UCSC because the project was developed by UCSC students under the advisement of UCSC faculty. Also, there is a push amongst some engineering faculty to establish a formal entrepreneurial program at UCSC, and this project is kind of the first test case for such a program.

So check it out, signup, and if you can make it up to SF this week, stop by and see us at our booth. Information on getting a free pass to the Expo is on the website.

Erik & Ian (YourSharade Founders)

(Privacy note: we're seriously not going to spam you or add you to any mailing lists or anything like that. Any information you enter now will only be used one time to contact you to notify you that you can create an account, and then all record of it will be removed. Seriously.)