April 23rd, 2007


activate darn it!

is it just me?

i just activated my account today but whenever i try to log in it says "xxxxxxx is not a valid UCSC account name (it is not in the password file)!"

what in the world does it mean?

should i try to activate again? or will that mess things up?

Psych 65 Midterm flash cards

Hey dudes.

I am in the process of making interactive online flash cards for the Psych 65 (Humanist Psych) midterm. I thought I'd share them.


Press "Study" and you can quiz yourself on the different aspects of the questions. You might also need to click "Study Other Side First" if the answers show up before the questions. So far, there are only questions/answers pertaining to #1 and #2 on the midterm study sheet, but I'll add the rest tomorrow at section.