May 15th, 2007

[me] sometimes wish I'd never been born


Has anyone ever taken an Incomplete?

I have some silly questions... but what exactly is an Incomplete? All I'm getting from the "research" I've been doing is: The notation I (Incomplete) may be assigned when work for a course is of passing quality but is not complete. And then some stuff about it being at the instructor's discretion and to contact them if you want to request one.

So how does one go about requesting one? What are the circumstances under which they usually give Is? What kind of work does one do to complete the course and get rid of the I?

I'd appreciate any sharing of personal experiences, please!
spiral out

Spring Elections!

Ok guys. I'm here to remind each and every one of you to VOTE this week! There are six Student Union Assembly positions being voted on - three of them have opposing candidates - and three undergraduate budget referenda.


And do your best to tell your friends. Voter turnout has been abysmal on this campus in recent years, so be sure and get everyone you can to vote this week!

Thank you.