June 4th, 2007

spirit of the rose

History 110 Textbooks

Hello history enthusiasts:

This is your lucky day.  I am selling textbooks for Matthew Lasar's US History 1877-1914 course for Fall 07.

I have HighBrow, Lowbrow by Lawrence Levine
          Inventing American Broadcasting 1899-1922 by Susan Douglas
          Beyond Separate Spheres by Rosalind Rosenberg
          Standing at Armageddon, US 1877-1919 by Nell Irvin Painter

They are all in good condition with some highlighting.
I will sell you the lot for $36 or reply if you want just one or two of them and we will work something out.  Also, feel free to respond if you are interested but want to check out the book conditions in person.

I'm graduating in two weeks, so please help me get them off my hands.