June 7th, 2007

you can't kill kim jong il!

Hist 150C Modern Japan

For those in Aso's Modern Japan class:

What do we have to turn in tomorrow as a response to the Schodt lecture? I remember it being just a small comment or question, but I just wanted to make sure of that in case we need to actually write a whole page reaction paper.

...And is it due in section or lecture? I really don't want to go to lecture if possible :(

*Yes, I've tried looking it up on WebCT but I can't find this info anywhere.
  • obren

Connection to Student Server

Does anybody know if there's a way students can directly connect to their home directory/server via a network shortcut?

I know I can connect if I use a Unix shell like SSH Secure File Transfer, but in all the computer labs, when I log in, there's an automatic shortcut to my files on my desktop without use of the Unix shell stuff. Any way I can copy this sort of thing to my own computer?