July 3rd, 2007


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My two girl cats got out sometime today (July 3rd) on the Westside near Mission St.

They should be in the general vicinity of Glover Street (near Bay and King).

One is dark grey and thinner than the other. Her name is Susie, and she has a yellow tip on her tail. She has green eyes and a pot belly.

The other is chubby and calico. She has goldish eyes and is named Jolie.

They are both indoor cats and have never really been outside. They were also just moved to the area.

I'm in Washington, D.C., and am incapable of looking for them. They were in my boyfriend's house and the door was left open.

If anyone sees them, please contact:
Kevin Samson @ 831 nottttt
Allison Brown @ 707 kidding