October 21st, 2007

Christmas Special


Hey all,

I'm new to the community and come with a really odd and specific question. I'm currently applying to UCSC for Fall '08 for the World History Grad Program. I've tried calling probably 20 times this week, got no answer at grad admissions (and couldn't leave a message because I'm out of state and they can 'no longer return long distance calls due to budget cuts') and when I emailed, the response I got clearly showed that no one there actually read what I wrote in the first place.

I'm trying to write my statement of purpose, to be honest its already written, and when I wrote it, I used some online guides and all of them said to keep the statement professional, cut and dry and not to try and go off being creative and personal. But, so far, half the universities that I've called about this have all said that no, they'd prefer something with more of your personality and passion in it. So what does UCSC prefer?

UCSC could only mail me back with ... the guidelines that were pretty much verbatim what I already had. So, if anyone here can provide a better answer than "Bunny Perez" did I would be really appreciative. Or alternately if any of you know a better way to contact the university or someone I could email... really anything at this point would be better that what I've gotten so far.

Thanks in advance.

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