December 10th, 2007


Hey everyone! I'm gonna be attending the winter quarter and I'm soo confused about some things. I applied as a Lit-creative writing major so when i called to talk to a counselor, they said you have to apply again as a creative writing major because it's a proposed major so technically i'm undeclared. I thought if i applied a creative writing major, I'd be a creative writing major unless they told me otherwise! =/ Anyone have similar probs?
Another question, do you need to take foreign language to graduate? I took 2 yrs of Japanese in high school already... some UC's require another 2 yrs, so I'm not sure about here.
I'm just kinda nervous but i'll be attending the transfer orientation... hopefully they can help me with my schedule. I read in my packet that they won't allow you to go to the counseling area until you have a proposed schedule... aye. How are we supposed to know what classes we want before we meet with a counselor?