December 12th, 2007

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hi everyone :) Thank you all that gave me insight this whole proposed major vs. applying for a major. I now have a clear idea of what I have to do. I'm in the middle of planning out my schedule of classes and I'm leaning toward Modern Literature studies... it seems really interesting :) What is medical humanities? It's offered through Modern Lit...has anyone taken it? What do you think? Finally, do they offer any LGBT courses at ucsc?
Thanks a bunch =)

Sorry for cross posting last time!

moving in...

I'm gonna be moving to Santa Cruz in 3 weeks as a junior transfer...
I'm majoring in Latin American Studies/Sociology and Spanish and I've researched what classes I have to take. Most of em are lower division classes because there weren't offered at my Jr. College and I just want to get em out of my way before I concentrate on upper division classes. The problem is that most of them are already full. It's really frustrating that junior transfers aren't allowed to register until December 17th. So, my question easy is it to crash classes?