December 18th, 2007


How hard is it..

Hey all,
I'm transferring for Winter 08. I'm an anthropology major (LOL ALL YOU WANT) with a minor in education. I had my reg date yesterday and of course all my classes were full, thanks UCSC for the crappy registration date. I kept getting told spots would open, which apparently was not true. So I emailed the profs of the classes I want. I have all my lower divs done for anthropology except archeology and I got Gifford Gonzales to email me a permission code for it (which was awesome of her.) Otherwise I'm trying to crash the Folklore class and Education 92b. Olga put me on a waitlist for Folklore, so I'm hoping that works out. The education professor *Wells* told me to just show up to the first class and he'd try to fit me in.
So, now I'm in Anth 3 officially. Since Anth 4 was opened I signed up but I don't need the class nor do I really want to take it. So, I'm just a bit nerve wracked. I don't know if I should go to Anth 4 the first week, for the sake of having two classes in the worst case scenario or be confident and drop it. It's just like, it's my first week at a *real* university, I'm just moving: and now I have to crash classes. It's confusing enough..
I guess what I'm asking is: What would you do? Should I call and bitch someone out? How easy is it to crash classes for your proposed major? Calm me down?
PS: Does anyone here dumpster dive?