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Selling some stuff! Please buy!!

1. Selling a full-size Tatami mat
Bought brand new two years ago.

approx. 35½in x 71in x 2in H
(90cm x 180cm x 5.5cm H)

$100 OBO

Makes a great portable bed if you add a foam pad. Fits twin sheets. Great for students
You pick up.

2. 3-drawer maple dresser with beautiful finishing, brass handles, and a marble top.
Asking $400 OR BEST OFFER.
This will last you forever. It's high quality.

It's VERY heavy. You pick up.

Email me for pics.
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Strike question!

I'm trying to crash classes this year and I'm not on the professors' mailing lists. Can anybody tell me whether these classes will be held tomorrow?

- POLI 157 Political Jurisprudence
- POLI 176 International Political Economy
- POLI 190 Living in the Aftermath of Evil

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i need to get a petition signed to repeat a course for a second time. i pretty much failed the first time, and the second time got a C-, but i need to take it again since some of my upper divs required for my major have a prereq of at least a C in that class. my grades weren't so great before, but have been improving (mostly B's now). any tips on what i should say to persuade the adivsers to let me take the class for a third time?

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hey guys. i'm a student from pasadena city college hoping to transfer to ucsc in fall 2010.. anyone here graduate with a BA in literature or philosophy? what did you think about the program/teachers? what did you do after you graduated? was it hard to find a job? thanks for the advice!
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Recommendation letters

I graduated in June 2007, but I need a letter of recommendation from a professor for a school I'm applying to now. It'd be easier if I was still a student at UCSC, but considering I haven't seen the professor in 2 years makes this a little weird. Probably isn't too uncommon a situation though, so figured I'd ask. Any tips and advice on how to approach this would be helpful.