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University of California Santa Cruz

University of California at Santa Cruz
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Before posting, try looking through the Memories of ucsc_incoming for many answers to common questions.

Welcome to the community for students or those affiliated with UCSC and the Santa Cruz community, to discuss events, happenings, and information relevant to UCSC.
For posts that do not fit this criteria, please use ucsc_chatter.

Community Charter (adapted from passengerpigeon by jeffreyatw)

1. Irrelevant posts should go to ucsc_chatter. A maintainer may ask you to move irrelevant posts.
"Irrelevant" means posts that do not contain content that is informative to the entire community, students, alumni, and faculty alike. This community is meant to spread information, not for socialization or personal gain.
Examples of relevant posts:
  • Official campus-wide announcements
  • Questions about class/section times, assignments, etc.
  • Announcements about on-campus programs, clubs, etc.
  • Discussion about current events at UCSC
  • Requests for directions, instructions, other specifics about places or UCSC-related events

    Examples of irrelevant posts:
  • Sale of anything
  • Housing requests
  • Ride requests
  • Random topics
  • Cross-posts (entries posted in more than one community)
  • Multiple posts in the same community (without consent of maintainer)
  • In theory, anything suitable for ucsc_chatter is not suitable for ucsc, and vice versa. For easy reference, here's this rule in comic form!

    If a post does not belong in ucsc, and no further action is needed by the original poster other than deletion, it shall be deleted automatically.

    2. Try finding the answer to your question by using the Memories of ucsc_incoming, Google, or ucsc.edu search before you ask it here.
    It doesn't make sense to ask a question on here that you could answer for yourself in a much shorter time by expending minimal effort. You probably spent more time simply writing your post, and it just creates excess chatter.

    3. Be respectful.
    Personal attacks are not allowed, no matter how funny you think they are. I feel very strongly that personal attacks lower the level of discourse, ruin the signal to noise ratio and drive people away from the community. Nor do I feel that they are ever necessary to a conversation.

    4. Large or non-work-safe pictures are not allowed on the front page.
    If you must post a large or NWS picture, please put it behind an lj-cut, and make sure the lj-cut message reflects the nature of the picture behind it -- this is one of the reasons lj-cut exists. Since you can't do this with a picture posted in a comment, please try to keep them within reasonable limits.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member of this forum, your private journal may be read by university administrators, and its content may be used against you in a disciplinary context. We (the moderators) do not condone this exploitation of the community's public members list. Be sure to make potentially incriminating entries in your own journals private or friends-only. Adapted from porter_college.

    Maintained by night_tracker and creativecstasy. Please contact them if there are any problems.